Axel Nosetti was born in the middle-eastern portion of the Realms, near the ocean. Raised by his mother, he thought that she was his only living relative, born human and
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knew nothing of his bloodline until recently. He was a frail child, never as strong as the other boys in his village, but far quicker. He was frequently harassed and developed quite a low sense of self esteem. His mother loved him dearly, as much as any mother could possibly manage, and always told him to keep going and trying.

When he reached adolescence, he did all he could to help his mother keep what little they had, mostly helping sailors at the docks load and unload cargo for a few pieces of silver. When he turned 15 years old, his mother gave him a necklace, saying it belonged to his father and he gave it to her before he left her. He wore it always, in hopes that it would lead him to his father.

Sooner than he anticipated, he began the journey leading to his adult life and father. At the docks one day, when he was scarcely 18 years old, a dark vessel pulled in and began unloading droves of bandits and rogues, all screaming and roaring. At 18, he had developed more strength and become less frail, but he was still no match for seasoned pirates. The sailors he was working for turned and drew their blades, they put up a vicious fight, and slew two or three pirates, but were quickly overrun and killed. Axel ran, being unarmed, un-armored, and unskilled in the art of swordplay, he was little more than a nuisance to these butchers. He turned a corner, attempting to rush his mother to safety, and was knocked unconscious by a beam falling from a burning building.

Naturally, the pirates assumed he was dead, so they sacked the town and left him alive unwittingly. When he awoke, the town was still burning. He ran through the night to his house, only to find it a smoldering pile of timber and straw. He scoured the town for his mother, finding along his way a few of the townsfolk who had lost everything, much like himself. Near the forests he found her. She was dead, and from the way her clothing was ripped, she was obviously raped repeatedly. He broke down, sobbed and wailed until the commotion alerted some of the pirates who had stayed ashore to his presence.

Eager to kill again, they leapt up and ran towards him. Axel noticed them and his breast filled with fear. He sprang to his feet to flee, but stopped, the idea of what had just happened to him had finally reached his heart. He stood there, with his back to the oncoming threat, looked down, and realized a town guard had been killed there, dropping his sword. Axel seized the sword, whirled around, and brought it up in time to block an incoming blow to the head courtesy of a ruthless pirate. The pirate was astounded, and hesitated, giving Axel the opportunity to slice his neck with the blade, slitting the ruffian's throat and ending his life.

The thrill of the kill soon set in on Axel, and he was overcome by rage and blood lust. He let out a booming and yet lifeless roar, and charged the other pirates, knocking one aside and catching the other one in the elbow. The first pirate soon recovered from the ground and turned to face a flailing Axel, who cut the pirate's arm open, but not before receiving a cut on the ribs. Axel was no fighter, and was soon knocked unconscious again, this time by the flat of a blade. He awoke to a back and forth rocking motion, as if a baby in a crib once again. He looked around and realized he was in the brig of a ship. He looked down upon his ribs, and saw that they were healed, it also appeared that there was a burn on his ribs as well, and that it was healed, this puzzled him, and he soon realized the healer was probably a new spell caster and was sent to train on his wounds. Axel rose to his feet, and walked to the stairs leading to the deck.

When he reached it, he was taken quite aback to discover he was unguarded on a pirate vessel. Ever wary of the pirates, Axel scanned the crew for the captain, and found him mending a sail. He asked the captain why he was aboard the ship, and he was told that the captain’s men thought he was quite a spirited fighter, and decided to allow him to join the crew. Axel was in no position to argue, and was quickly put to work doing menial tasks. Being among drunken, surly pirates puts one in a position of near constant danger, and Axel quickly picked up a few tricks with a blade. The work he was assigned toughened his body and the salty sea air weathered his mind and soul. He grew to love the ocean. Soon, the pirates came upon a ship they wished to board and pillage. Axel was uneasy about stealing and murdering, but would be killed if he didn’t. When he boarded that ship, he was surprised how easy it was for him to kill, so surprised in fact that it made him sick.

Sailor after sailor fell to his blade, and soon his clothes and blade were covered completely in blood. He found a certain comfort in killing, as if, in some small way, he was more than just a man. The Captain was surprised by Axel’s zeal, and started to teach Axel more styles of combat. After two years of constant fighting and bloodshed, Axel was finally allowed to leave the ship, and he set out to make a life for himself. He did simple mercenary work for towns, bandits, armies, and individuals, carrying out his contracts dispassionately. Axel had become a competent fighter, able to hold his own and willing to kill for money or food or whatever he needed. One day, while stumbling through Rhiassa, he came upon the tournament known as Queen of Hearts. It was there that he met Airavarri Nosetti, a fae, and signed up to fight alongside him for his queen.

During a conversation, Airavarri noticed the necklace Axel wore, a silver cobra, and recognized it. After much yelling, hugging, and the exchanging of a few blows, it was revealed to Axel that Airavarri was his father.

The two became good friends as well as developing a familial relationship. Cousins and other relations were introduced to Axel, and he found a place amongst the Nosetti caravan.


  • Airivarri
  • Phoenix Rose
  • Sarrix