Bohis is of Gnomish descent, about 3'8" tall and weighing about 68 lbs. He has a slightly muscular build and short brown hair that he sometimes decides to grow long, when its long he tends to keep it pulled back. Bohis likes to fight with a sword and shield, but gave up on fighting to pursue the arts of healing so that he can help those in need.
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Bohis hails from a small Gnomish village that now lays in ruin after a terrible accident, caused by a magical experiment gone awry. The explosion left the young Gnome with a case of retrograde amnesia, causing him to forget everything but his name.
After the accident, Bohis wandered the remains of his former home, trying to figure out what and where he was. At about that time, he heard a voice from behind him calling out. "Hello, I'm Aresia," the voice said, "And you are my brother. What's your name?" Turning about, Bohis extended his hand to Aresia, returning his greeting. "I am Bohis. Do you know where I am, or what I am?" Being a Kender, and wanting to have a little fun, Aresia told Bohis that he was a Kender. From that day, Aresia and Bohis traveled the Realms, looking for fun and adventure. Often the two would get into trouble due to Bohis' lack of pickpocketing skill. During one such instance, Bohis and Aresia were caught stealing, and put into separate jail cells.

This was the first time in years the two of them were separated, and it would be years yet before they would meet again. While wandering alone, looking for adventure, Bohis stumbled across a camp filled with noise and stories. Entering the camp itself, the Gnome was surprised by the kind greetings from all who were there. Bohis enjoyed being with the group so much, he decided to join them; this group was known as the Tinkers. While traveling with the Tinkers, Bohis befriended a Raksasha named Salem. Salem taught Bohis about the Goddess Bast, and how to invoke her name to give him spells. Once Bohis had mastered this ability, he learned the ways of the healer, so he could help his comrades in great battles, or help the random people he met that needed healing. Two years after being with the Tinkers, Bohis and Salem encountered a being they had never seen before. Bohis, being the friendly one, approached this new face and extended his hand in friendship. "Hi, I'm Bohis, who are you?" Salem and himself became quick friends with the newcomer, named Airavarri. Bohis and Airavarri became close quickly, and from that day forward, they have been nigh inseparable.


Also the sheriff of Creathorne. During the Sixteenth Annual Tournaments of Creathorne, Bohis was named a House Elder by Airavarri, entitling him to help make important decisions for the family. While in the forest of Kelvar, Airivarri officially stepped down as leader of the family, and appointed Bohis as the new head.


Bohis' family consisted of a three brothers and five sisters, Bohis was the youngest in his family and thus the one that got in the most trouble. After the terrible accident, it is unclear whether or not any of his siblings are still in existence. It is quite a sore subject with Bohis when someone mentions the loss of his family at his hands, and he desperately hopes someone other than himself has survived.