Dawncry emblem

Dawncry personal heraldry

House Dawncry is a lesser noble house within the hierarchy of the Sheshawnii. Placed in the elemental realm of Fire within the Sheshawnii lands, they specialize in learning and the arts of all sorts, though the House proper focuses scribe-work and practical magics for travel. The House is full of Fae dedicated to the arts of scribes and historians, charged with the duties of recording every major and many minor choices each House, and that of the Royal Family, makes. Each member of the House is normally seen carrying with their belongings or on their person, a journal and a simple writing kit to make documenting anything simple and immediate. Though often viewed as childish and naive, they are extremely clever. Members of this House also have two first names, adding a bit more of a flowing feel to them.

As with many professions, members of the Dawncry family start off as an apprentice to an older member, normally parents or one of the heirs to the House. Apprenticeship ends at their coming of age, near the 100 years old. They then set off as a journeyman until they either are summoned home, or have recorded all the differences within the neighboring sections of the Lands. Upon returning, after normally a general time period of anywhere from 20 to over a hundred years, they retain their journeyman status until another family 'adopts' them. It's then that they are elevated to master status, and often will add the House's name to their own. Only the Royal Family has choice over whether a master historian and scribe can become a grand master.

The JournalsEdit

The journal every Dawncry carries retains massive importance to them. Every entry is filled with minute details about their surrounds, the passage of time, the people around them, and their actions. Entries are also very straightforward, and non-judgmental. As such, when a dispute comes up, it often falls onto a nearby Dawncry for the exacting details of the situation to maintain a clear view of what happened. These journals are also highly personal, and carry many memories and emotions; mostly due to the fact that each one is made by hand, crafted by the one who carries it. Upon losing a journal, Dawncry members will often go years without a new journal, mourning the loss of the last one before crafting a new one. The new one is immediately put into use, and carried at all times.


The House Dawncry is predominately female, for no known reason. They are often tall, very slender, and prefer to keep long hair. The most common hair colors are red or black, and eyes tend to stray from brown to green-grey. The family tattoo is a slightly curved arch going over the bridge of their nose. They choose to dress simply, being a spectator rather than a participant; both genders wear a simple top with either a long vest for the men, or a vest or corset for the women. They both wear tall boots; often they will wear one belt with several sashes, with a belt pouch. Both also wear long shorts that end just above their boots, women also tend to wear long skirts in solid colors.

Magic & House DawncryEdit

House Dawncry chooses a specific set of magic to learn and master compared to the other Houses of the Sheshawnii. Being rather practical when it comes to magics, they chose to lean towards Healing, Blacksmithing and Shamanic magic, often preferring to mingle the paths rather than stay one or another. The reasoning for this is to be better adapted to any combat or non-combat situation, and be prepared no matter what.

Recent TimesEdit

Over the last 350 to 400 years, the House of Dawncry has seen an increase in population.

Members of House DawncryEdit

  • Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti

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