House Nosetti is a fairly recent creation within the Realms, though much older within Sheshawnii. House Nosetti comes from the elemental realm of Void. The main occupation that the House focuses on is Diplomacy; however, if it comes down to it, they are also trained in lethality.

The leader of House Nosetti is Bohis. Airavarri had established the House outside of Sheshawnii as a reminder of home.


House Nosetti's members are not exclusively fae, and not all blood related for that matter. The House is fairly active within The Realms, participating in many events and being seen on many adventures. The House has no particular ritual for those who aren't of the Sheshawnii Fae to perform. Simply put, the Elders and Leader each keep an eye on their chosen petitioner, reporting back to the others about how they're doing. After a determined period of time, up to a year, the petitioner then is asked a final time if they accept the tattoo, and the family. Should they accept, the House Nosetti personal tattoo is given to them.

  • Airavarri Nosetti (Deceased)
  • Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti
  • Axel Nosetti
  • Sarix Nosetti
  • Najishi Nosetti
  • Watson Nosetti
  • Lillianna Nosetti

Non-Blood Nosetti

  • Bohis
  • Salem
  • Kazuki Ryu
  • Thanius
  • Caliban
  • Odox Medosuke
  • Kerra Eithne
  • Imari
  • Celeste
  • Rayne
  • Yume
  • Bunny
  • Cloe
  • Xander

Sheshawnii have a code they live by, which House Nosetti reflects and follows. As with Sheshawnii as a whole, it brings up the aspects of the Elements and Balance, the two most important aspects of the culture, religiously speaking. Their code, within the Realms, is as follows.

Maintain the Balance,
Without the Balance we are lost.
Without the Balance, Chaos destroys all.
Without the Balance, Law limits freedom.
To maintain the Balance equal exchange must be kept.
Life for Life.
Death for Death.
Passion for Passion.
Force for Force.
Without the Balance we all come undone.

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