Lady Najishi is mysterious by nature, with a wild, untamed, fiery personality. She was born into a long line of Bakeneko Assassins, though Najishi is unable to change her form freely, loosing the ability completely when she arrived in the Realms. Another difference from her people, her magic was too different; Najishi was a great healer even from her youth, able to speak with spirits and cure the sick. Rather than her claws, Najishi prefers daggers and her bow.


While Najishi was younger, King Ho-teershi was passing through her village, when he was struck severely ill. Being young and curious, she approached the King, whispering softly into his ear. Within moments, King Ho-teershi was cured, and her made her a member of the Royal Court.

While she served as the Court Healer for many decades, she was specifically assigned to care for Airavarri. He would often come back to the castle from his "diplomatic missions" in need of intense healing. Najishi enjoyed the time they had spent together, but often was upset because of Airavarri's lofty nature and long missions. She asked the King to bind them, the Sheshawnii equivalent to marriage. Knowing Airavarri wouldn't oppose the ritual, he agreed, going through with it, though Airavarri was absent. It happened to be the same day Airavarri didn't return to the Court. Being filled with rage, Najishi followed his scent into the woods, coming across a strange circle, swirling with an unknown magic she had never felt before.

Smelling his trail, still furious, Najishi threw her hair back, grabbed her bow and arrows, and leaped into the portal. When she awoke on the other side, within the Realms, she found herself in the lands of Chaos, where tournaments were being held. She quickly scouted the area; Airavarri's scent was nearby and recent. Looking up, she saw him flying overhead. Not being one for lengthy reunions, Najishi drew an arrow and shot him through the chest. As he fell to the ground, dead, she felt is was payment for making her wait all this time. She was able to revive him with a few whispers of her magic. Since then, she has been tending to his newest tower in Sharangil.


Other than watching over the tower in Sharangil, Najishi is also the quartermistress of the House Nosetti, most likely because she is Airavarri's first spouse.