As one of the few fighters of House Nosetti, Odox trains in multiple weapons and fighting styles, but is most commonly seen with an ax and shield.


Growing up in a village very far north, Odox took up swordsmanship at a young age to pass the time. Soon it grew to becom his obsession, even vowing to, one day, become one of the best swordsmen in the known realms. It was at a tournament, hosted by the nation of Grimloch, that his luck took a turn for the worst. During these tournaments, he was captured by a coven of vampires, who kept him alive within their camp, feeding on him; cruelly watching as he grew weaker and weaker at each drop of blood drained. It was a few days later that he seemed to grow stronger. This worried them, but they were too weak and couldn't resist the temptation of their prey's blood. On the eve of the fifth day did he fall to the ground, drained completely of the precious lifesource. Turning away from the lifeless husk, they made a grave mistake. As his body rose from the grouund sweeping up his discarded sword, he called upon his mental disipline, and older magics, pulling his blood back from the creatures bodies, and into himself once more. Scars still etch their paths over his left hand, where he called it back, a constant reminder of what he had become. Though he was reborn, he viewed himself an abomination, hating himself. Odox, unable to hide this fact, was shunned, and fell to the attempts of suicide in hopes of relieving his soul. He failed, time and time again, no matter how hard he tried. After one time too many, he decided to take a different path, questing to show that though he was a monster now, he was not evil.


Odox is also a member of the Viridian Vanguard.

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