While these don't necessarily have something to do with the Sheshawnii in particular, these are handy links to other places that involve The Realms both in and out of character.

House of the Nosetti : Website and private forums for the House Nosetti (forums unavailable for those not in the House.)

RealmsNet : Realms homepage, contains event calendar, current omnibus, and character list.

Archetype System : A possible revamp of the current omnibus, including changes to the system, as well as general editing.

Realms Flickr Group : Images from various events from Realms-ies who've taken photos.

Map of the Realms : A highly detailed map of all the Lands of the Realms.

Valehaven Library : Informative site that has much to do with the older aspects and currency in the game.

Miniature Nations Link-listing : A good number of Nations aren't shown here, but these do link to various Nation's websites via Map of The Realms.

Extended Nations Listing : From Khae Ossrim, listing a general descriptive term next to each Nation's link, as well as trade & commerce.