Before the Lands, there was King Ho-teershi, the five elements, and balance. With the King as their physical form, the Lands were formed, incomplete; pulled from nothingness into existence. Balance graced them all, giving them each something as equally important to a land, to a world, to grow. Within the center of it all was a truly neutral place. This place, the land where the King himself would rule from, is where every Sheshawnii is born. Here, the ground is made of all of the realms of Sheshawnii, the purest place that they have.
From this ground was first born the Queen, Laksheerti. From them both, they birthed from the soil the Archmage, who knows all magics of Sheshawnii like some know their hands; and the Prince, Kasharni. These four then channeled the elements once more. All four then formed the first Realm, Void. Ho-teershi finished forming the Realm of Air, Laksheerti finished the Realm of Water. Kasharni finished the Realm of Earth, and the Archmage finished the Realm of Fire. With each of these elements now present, surrounding the central lands, they worked together and separately to bring forth the Fae themselves.

Void would hold the diplomats, the highest of the nobles. None would stand beside them, however, for none were from lands as balanced. Fire, inspired by the Archmage’s knowledge, would crave that and more. Scribes, historians, and those who desire more to learn dwell within that Realm, and with their knowledge earned a lesser noble position. Air would hold those who were clever with their hands: Blacksmiths, jewelers, and those that craved the finer things; crafty aristocrats. Water was that of money. Merchants; traders, those as sly of tongue as the diplomats, but knew their prey on a deeper level. Earth was full of practical Fae: workers who provided the others with their needs, farmers. They needed no one other than the Royal family to watch over their work.

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