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Kazuki Ryu

Ryu has long purple hair, eyes white from the ritual that had taken place to be accepted into House of Nosetti. He is of average build, with a slight muscle tone to him. He generally wears better clothing, but having left home and burning down the house to leave no memory behind except his own and his sword, he has very little. A scar crosses over his right eye, and again with another scar just under it that he bears from the fight from his father just before he left home. Ryu feels a change happening as he nears his adulthood.


Ryu grew up in lands far from the Realms, west of Teng Hua with his father Shinoku, never knowing anything of his mother but her name: Aranell. Living a life under a samurai war marshal Ryu instinctively asked many questions, particularly pertaining to his mother: Who was she? What was she like? Did she have “knife ears” as other children of the village called it, just like father and I? Was she an “Elf” like father suggested? Shinoku did what he could to explain these questions. When Ryu was born, his mother left. As soon as Ryu no longer needed the care of his mother, she put Ryu onto Shinoka. Being war marshal and always busy, Shinoka needed to take leave and find someone to watch little Ryu. Shinoka found the herbalist of the village and paid her to watch Ryu while he was away. The herbalist was kind and taught him of how Nature can be ones friend. Life as Ryu knew was of the sword and war, nothing for the intricates of life such as nature. She also told him tales of his mother and how she was a traveling woman. Her beauty attracted the most of men, but because she was a traveling woman she continually fell in and out of love. According to the tales, Ryu possibly had other family he never knew of; Shinoka denied all of this and refused to speak of it. Every day, Ryu went to the herbalist and listened to the tales, listened to the ways of the elves living harmoniously with nature. The tales of running through the forest, singing to the wild, becoming one through meditation and dance: Ryu was eager to leave but Ryu stayed with the herbalist until he was in his adolescence.

Once Ryu was old enough to keep after himself, his father began his training; the way of the warrior. Shinoku and Ryu would train for Hours and days until Ryu would drop from exhaustion. The more they trained, the more ruthless Shinoku got. In the winter, Shinoku would make Ryu fight until he had no more physical capability and leave him in the snow to freeze to death. Shinoku taught Ryu the ways in how to fight, to be a warrior: that a true warrior never lets anything stand in his way, not even his physical limit. During this time in his training his father became corrupt. Shinoku became power hungry for the Emperor of their land was about to die. To secure his position Shinoku, looked for power any mortal man would seek. Shinoku began worshiping Demons, Dark Gods and began learning the way of Necromancy. In offerings, he killed innocent people, burned complete villages, enslaved the young and killed the newborns and old; Shinoku committed acts most men wouldn’t think of, just to obtain ultimate power. These views were pressed upon Ryu.. Shinoku debated, argued and even beat Ryu until he obeyed his father’s requests. The only thing Ryu was now greatful for was knowing how to properly wield a blade.

When Ryu was born, his father crafted 4 swords for him: a Naginata ,a Katana, a Wakazashi and a Tanto, all with a black blade and red hilt. The day of Ryu’s adulthood, Shinoka approached Ryu whilst he was meditating in his room. As a final part of Ryu’s training, he was to swear fealty to Shinoka, the dark Gods and the now corrupt Imperial army that Shinoka led. “I will not join your army. I will not be your Warmarshall. I will not be corrupted.” Shinoka, angered, “I am sick of your disrespect. I will show you what it means to be a man.” Shinoka struck Ryu to catch his attention; from the inner right side of his nostril to his far right cheek near his ear. A deep burning sensation ran from the cut into the rest of Ryu’s body. He fell to the ground holding his face as his father mocked him. “Do you feel the power that I possess? That burn you feel. This sword holds Demonic magic. The dark Gods granted me these.” Rage began to pound through Ryu’s veins and enveloped his heart. “You don’t understand the power you can hold, that you can possess. Are you willing to just give that up cause you THINK it is wrong?” Ryu jumped up and grabbed his Katana off the wall. He struck at his father, easily being parried. Long, intense hours from clanging of swords, grapples and constant physical beating, his father threw him onto his back and yet again attacked him. Ryu braced the attack centimeters from his face; the slowly lowered until blade touched his right eye searing the skin. Again the same burning sensation ran through his body, but more tolerable this time. Using this new anger Ryu through off his father and stood up waiting for another lashing. Again, they continued to fight, neither of them finding a flaw in each other's form. Ryu grew tired but needed to repel his father. Ryu tapped into that anger once more: he limbed his fathe's arms, causing him to fall to the floor yelling. “You bastard! Why did you do that?!” There was no reason to keep him alive. Ryu knew that this would be the moment to make his decision. “Give me one reason to let you live.” and there was silence. Ryu kicked his father to the floor and ran into the other room. He packed his belongings, set the house aflame and ran outside. He stood and watched it engulf inflame until he thought that nothing could survive the searing flames. Packed light and ready to see the new world, Ryu left his village see if the rumors to be true about his brothers and to see if he could find his mother.

He traveled down the road many days until he heard his name being whispered as though it was right on his neck behind him. Looking around he say nothing except and inlet to the forest. Again the Whispers came but this time from the forest. He traveled inside, following it for days, knowing nothing of where he was going or what he was doing. All Ryu knew was there was something inside of him urging him on, calling his name. It had been a weeks since he entered wooded hills, only finding wildlife and trees. Just before a clearing he notice a shrine and a temple. The sun’s rays fell upon the temple. He was welcomed by the monks and taught Ryu of their ways in worshiping Nature. After residing there for 15 years, Ryu decided it was time to leave, now being a Shaman of Nature.

Taking a boat ride off the shore, he departed the island onto the land Teng Hua.