The details of Sarix's birth are all but unknown. From what he knows and from what he has been told, he fell from the heavens. For those who were present to see him fall, a golden beam of light filled the sky and with a thundering boom the child-like Sarix fell.

Before he hit the ground Prince Vex, a noble from the Badlands rushed in to save the young child from certain doom. In an almost unheard of display of affection Prince Vex decided to raise the young one as his own.

Sarix began to grow at an accelerated rate, he physically matured to that of a young man but retained his child-like nature. While living with Prince Vex he learned the skills of spell and sword, the hierarchy of Realms society, and how to properly present himself as a near-to-noble youth. While much was going to plan, Sarix would often act out and run off on his own. This led to constant head aches for Prince Vex.

In one such occasion, Sarix didn't return to his keep in the Badlands. Sarix was determined to start his own adventures which eventually led him to the lands of Rhiassa. More importantly the Queen of Hearts Tournaments, which was a yearly happening in these lands. While staying within a Tinker camp, Sarix became very tired and fell into a deep sleep in which the goddess from which he was born sent him an image of who his birth father was. His father was Airavarri Nosetti a wild fae from another realm.

Once Sarix awoke from his sleep he immediately sought out this Airavarri fellow. When he approached his father he was reluctant at first. His father had a tendency to be unpredictable and sometimes harsh, so the young Sarix was intimidated But soon that fear went away as he saw his father stumble about and fall on his face.

Sarix found his father and has traveled within the safety of his new family for a year before he was given a sacred Sheshawnii gift, his facial tattoos. The ritual is a painful one, but one all Sheshawnii must go through. It is a rite of passage into adulthood and a family's form of identification similar to that of a coat of arms. Sarix lives comfortably within his family and is starting to understand where he comes from.

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