Greetings, and WelcomeEdit

Whether you be a traveler or a Sheshawnii yourself, please remember that House Nosetti welcomes all who welcome us; as long as you abide by our rules while in our camp, we will respect you.

The Sheshawnii are a unique culture, many of whom keep to their homelands. A select few, filled with curiosity and wanderlust, have traveled to the lands known simply as the Realms. Come, join us around the campfire, allow us to tell you our ways, and tell you about ourselves.

Welcome to the House Nosetti, a place where you can find rest, relaxation, or a little excitement, if you're up for it...during the night you will hear and see us play music, out fire crackling and our dancers twisting around the fire pit. Food will be shared, laughs will be had, and good times will run through the night. There is always room for you to stay the night within our caravan, even if you aren't a member. Who knows? By morning you might be part of the family.

This wikia was created for the sake of simplicity when discussing the Sheshawnii in game. All edits should be based purely on the Sheshawnii and their society.

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